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Drug induced Zombie walk, Charlton St. Worcester, Mass. USA

Description: I happened upon this girl while walking the dog I am taking care of for a tenant that is in jail on a Domestic Assault charge. Sadly, this is not an unusual sight on our public ways in these days of rampant drug use and abuse. My area of concern, the 700 Block of Main Street in Worcester, Massachusetts became infested with drug users and abusers because the only "wet" homeless shelter used to be located right next to the property that I manage. They finally moved the shelter last May, but the neighborhood had become a known place to score the drug of your choice during the time the shelter was located here. It still has that reputation in some circles. I have been bringing attention to the situation through this video series, and have installed an 8 Channel Surveillance system that videos the entire area 24/7. It records everything for 2500 hours, which is a long time. I made sure to post what my cameras see on You Tube and social media has made a positive impact, it seems like no one wants to be featured on the next video, and they have for the most part moved on to stay out of the spotlight. There are still some stragglers, here is one of them. Enjoy the video, I think it shows that we need as a society to get people that are obviously addicted into treatment and recovery programs.
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